Solar Gorilla Charger for Laptops and Phones


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Get the power to recharge your laptop, mobile phone or iPod anywhere under the sun - on safari, up a mountain, camping in the wilderness, or on the move in the city. The solargorilla is a compact and portable high-energy solar charger for your electronic equipment.

Ready for Travel

The solargorilla is a truly portable solar charger, similar in size to a hardback book and weighing just 700g.  Rugged enough to be taken anywhere, it features a robust, water resistant build, and tough rubberised casing.  The fold-up design makes sure the solar panels are protected when you're on the move or when the solargorilla is stored away.

Charges Anywhere

The solargorilla charges electronic devices directly from the sun, meaning you'll have reliable power anywhere with sunshine.  To use the solargorilla, simply open the panels to direct sunlight, and connect it up to the device you're charging.  LED lights indicate the strength of charge.

For outdoor types, the solargorilla has a built-in slot for attaching it to a campervan, caravan, parked car or tent. A stylish protective zip-up case includes a compartment for the solargorilla's adaptor tips.

Powers (almost) Anything

Connector tips included with the solargorilla are compatible with laptops, mobile phones, iPods, GPS sat navs, MP3 players, and many more devices.

Your solargorilla will charge most handheld devices via the USB port, such as mobile phones, iPods/MP3 players, Sat Navs, PDAs and handheld gaming devices.  The solargorilla will also charge laptops.  However, if the laptopis in use while the solargorilla is connected, it will only slow down the depreciation of your battery, it will not run or charge your laptop unless your laptop is off..Note: solargorilla is a charging option. It is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Mini Gorilla and may not work with some laptops over 40 Watts directly. 

To make the most of sunlight consider the solargorilla's little brother.  The Mini Gorilla battery pack can be charged using the solargorilla and stores enough energy to power a netbook for up to two hours.


  • Most laptops (but not Apple Macs)
  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • PDAs
  • MP3/MP4 Players
  • Nokia
  • Mini Nokia
  • Motorola V66
  • Samsung E900
  • LG Chocolate
  • Sony Ericsson wide connector
  • Mini USB (Motoroal Razr V series, Blackberrys etc.)
  • Micro USB (latest Motorola and Nokia series)
  • GPS Sat Navs
  • Many other mobile phones.

In The Box

  • solargorilla charging unit
  • Neoprone zip case
  • 15 connector tips
  • 2 metre USB extension cable
  • 2 metre Minigorilla/laptop charging cable
  • Warranty and quick start guide

Dimensions: 264mm x 200mm x 19mm
Weight: 700g
Manufacturer: PowerMonkey

  • Manufactured by: Powermonkey

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