PowerPlus Seal Solar Powered Weather Station


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Get the weather forecast for the day ahead at a glance with this solar-powered weather station, clock and calendar. The PowerPlus Seal features the world's first solar powered digital barometer, and is ideal for eco-friendly weather enthusiasts, gardeners, educationalists, and anyone else who needs frequent access to the weather forecast.

World's First Solar-Powered Forecaster

The PowerPlus Seal is the first ever solar-powered weather station to give a 12-24 hour indicative forecast over a range of up to 30 miles.

The forecast is displayed as a picture on an easy-to-read LCD screen, so you can instantly check the likely weather forecast for your area anytime of day. You'll no longer need to turn on your TV or load up your computer to find out the forecast.

Highly accurate sensors built into the PowerPlus Seal monitor temperature, humidity, barometric air pressure, and trend of atmospheric pressure. Together with the date, time, and moon phases, these are displayed on the LCD screen.

Good Looks as Standard

Built from sleek and sturdy silver plastic, the PowerPlus Seal's contemporary design will look the part in any home. The integrated solar panel is built discreetly into its design, so you can be eco-friendly without sacrificing good looks.

Eco-Friendly Power

Powered by the sun's rays this is a truly eco-friendly power station. The PowerPlus Seal takes energy from daylight and excess energy gathered by the solar panels is stored in an internal Ni-Mh battery, so the weather station continues to make measurements through the night for more accurate weather forecasting/predictions.

An optional AAA battery back-up facility ensures the PowerPlus Seal will continue forecasting even if it's put into a dark place for prolonged periods.

Who is this for?

Anyone. Should you put the washing out to dry while you take a trip to the shops? Check the PowerPlus Seal. Will today best be spent gardening, or indoors doing DIY? Check the PowerPlus Seal. Weather enthusiasts, teachers, gardeners, and homemakers will all find the PowerPlus Seal immensely useful. Treat yourself, or buy one as a gift for an eco-friendly relative or friend.

  • Colour: Silver
  • Display: Mono LCD
  • Manufacturer: Power Plus
  • Optional battery back-up requires AAA batteries (not included)

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus