Powerplus Eagle Solar torch and recharger

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Enjoy the freedom of mobile light and power wherever you go with the Powerplus Eagle Solar Torch. The triple wing solar panels are designed to charge the internal battery which in turn can charge mobile devices quickly and reliably. Keep one by the window in your hall or car and you will have a ready charged torch and a spare power supply for your mobile phone. This is truly an intelligent use for solar panels.

A torch and backup battery for your mobile phone

Solar energy directly charges the internal eco-friendly battery of the Eagle. Once charged the Eagle holds enough power to recharge a mobile phone or other portable electronic device. The Eagle comes with a Nokia cable and 7 adaptor plugs to cover many mobile phones and other small mobile devices.

In common with other modern solar and wind-up powered torches, the Eagle uses powerful LEDs as the source of light. You can select from three modes:

  • Power saving mode: 1 LED lit,
  • High intensity mode: 3 LEDs lit
  • Warning mode: 3 LEDs flashing.

The POWERplus ® Eagle is the first combined solar Flashlight/powerbank on the market with the unique rotatable solar wings to give maximum charging power.

The Eagle comes with:
" C Tri blade torch unit
" C Cable suitable for Nokia
" C 7 Adapter tips for: small pin Nokia, Sony Ericsson (2x, new and old model), Samsung, Siemens, Motorola and mini USB

Item Parameter Unit
Maximum brightness    
3 LED 25.000 MCD
3 LED 5,4 LM
LED lifetime    
LED 50.000 Hours
Time to fully charge in the sun 15-20 Hours
Max. Charging Current    
1 wing 50 mA
2 wings 100 mA
3 wings 150 mA
Talk time on average mobile phone
Fully charged
70 Minutes
Standby time on average mobile phone
Fully charged
96 Hours
Charging time AC (charger available from www.Powerplusadapter.com) 7 Hours
Shine time after 1 hour sun    
1 LED 15 Hours
3 LED 6.5 Hours
Shine time fully charged    
1 LED 35 Hours
3 LED 15 Hours

Read the Eagle manual here.

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus