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Nothing wastes gas more than putting a small pan on a large gas hob and watching the gas come licking around the base of the pan and up the side. The gas rising up the side does not heat the pan, but does a good job of heating the air at ceiling level in your kitchen, or getting sucked out of the extractor fan to warm the sky. The Gas Energy Saver solves this problem by containing the gas flame and burning the gas more efficiently.

Converts unburnt gas to heat

The majority of gas hobs burn gas inefficiently. This results in wasted energy, un-burnt bi-products and lost heating - all of which cost you money. The Gas Energy Saver helps to solve this problem. Its special catalytic alloy disc fits over a burner on your hob and heats to over 1000 degrees Centigrade instantly. This converts all the un-burnt gas to heat and energy and in turn saves heating time by cooking your food faster with less gas.

The special stainless alloy is dishwasher proof. It measures 14cm x 1cm and fits all gas hobs.

  • Manufactured by: MGL

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