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Everyone has at least one clock in their home. Maybe you settle for just the one on your oven, or maybe, like us, you like clocks in every room. If so, then you will be a heavy consumer of batteries. Let us introduce you to the Solar Clock. Powered by a small solar panel which charges the internal rechargeable battery, the Solar Clock doesn't need a constant supply of disposable AA batteries. As long as the sun rises, there will be power to run this clock.

A simple, clean and unfussy solar clock

The Solar Clock is supplied with two sets of hands (one set is long and the other is short) to give you the options of wall mounted or free standing. But as well as being functional this little clock has a clean and unfussy design that lets you stand it up whichever way you want. There are no numbers on the face of the clock, so you just set the hands at the correct position, depending on the orientation of the clock and off it goes.

Like its friend the Sun Jar, this handy solar powered clock is as handsome as it is practical and eco-friendly. With a smart and simple solar panel on its front it's a far cry from the days of those dodgy calculators you had to crouch under a bright light to use. Its solar power means that you'll never be caught in the twilight zone wondering what the time really is after a night-time power cut.

The solar panel will charge the battery and run the clock via natural and artificial light.

Dimensions: 70x165x30mm

  • Manufactured by: Suck UK

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