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This Solar Shed Light is an effective but simple lighting solution for a garden shed, greenhouse, summer house, or outbuilding. It is cheap, simple and quick to install. If you have a shed that needs occasional lighting, but no mains electricity, the Solar Shed Light is your answer.

A simple and quick to install solar shed light

The Solar Shed Light really can be installed in minutes, very simply. The solar panel, rechargeable batteries, light and mounting kit are all included with this product. The solar panel is waterproof (we wouldn't recommend mounting the light unit where it can get wet). Just mount the panel on the outside of your shed, fit the light unit to the wall or ceiling of your shed, and connect the two with the attached wire. That's all there is to it.

Tip: we suggest you charge the light for 10 to 14 hours before using it.

  • Manufactured by: MGL

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