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The eco-friendly way to keep your toilet limescale-free. This chemical-free toilet de-scaler keeps your toilet bowl clean and fresh by preventing calcium carbonate from forming an unsightly hard limescale skin in your toilet bowl.

How does the Magnoloo work?

The Magnoloo is placed in your toilet cistern, where it magnetically treats water before flushing. The magnets in the Magnoloo change the ionic charge of calcium in the water, preventing calcium crystals from forming into unsightly stains in your toilet bowl. Treated limescale crystals are automatically flushed away without the need for cleaning.

The Magnoloo can either sit at the bottom of your toilet cistern or be hung in the cistern with wire or string. Most toilet cisterns only require one Magnoloo; in hardwater areas two Magnoloos are recommended for each cistern. The Magnoloo is guaranteed to combat limescale for five years.

Two Magnoloos are included with every order "" so you can either keep the extra Magnoloo for future use, put it in the second toilet in your house, or put both Magnoloos in a single cistern if you live in a hardwater area.

What makes the Magnoloo eco-friendly?

The Magnoloo uses no chemicals to keep your toilet clean. It adds nothing to the water flushed through your toilet system.

Bleach, on the other hand, contains toxins that build up in the environment every time it is used to clean the toilet. These toxins kill fish, harm animals, and contaminate the world's water supplies.

The Magnoloo is child-safe, pet-safe, and 100% eco-friendly. It will cause none of the health issues associated with using bleach such as burned skin, respiratory problems, and damage to the nervous system.

Saving you Money and Time

With the Magnoloo installed you'll save money on cleaning materials such as anti-limescale bleach, and you'll save time spent scrubbing limescale off the toilet bowl. The Magnoloo is extremely simple to use "" you drop it into the toilet cistern, and leave it there for five years.

Improved Design

A new design for 2009 improves the Magnoloo's water ingress when the Magnoloo sits at the bottom of the cistern.
  • Five year guarantee
  • Chemical free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Child and pet safe
  • Uses magnetism to change ionic charge of calcuim
  • Anti-limescale and de-scaler
  • Manufactured by Eco-Zone

Included in the Box

  • 2x Magnoloo toilet descaler units

  • Manufactured by: Ecozone