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Treat your kids to a sandpit or yourself to a raised garden bed with this multi-purpose design from Rowlinson. Made from sustainably sourced wood with a natural, pressure treated finish, this sturdy multi-use Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit will complement any garden design.

Guaranteed for 15 years, the Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit can be used as a sandpit whilst your kids are young, and then for growing flowers, herbs or vegetables when there are older.

Natural Play

Children love spending time outside playing. It's a sad indictment of our current culture that many children are brought up on a diet of computer and TV screens, and that play is associated with computer games.

Sandpits provide a safe environment for outdoor play, giving children physical exercise and stimulating their imagination as they create their own play-world in the sand. A recent study* by the International Society for Horticultural Science found that children who spend time outdoors are more likely to demonstrate care for the environment as an adult.

Embrace the Good Life

With increasing food prices and rising concern about food miles, growing vegetables at home has become the natural choice for the eco-conscious household. The Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit enables you to grow over 10 square feet of vegetables, herbs or flowers anywhere in your garden. Vegetables grown at home have zero food miles and are picked completely fresh "" making them healthier and more nutritious for you and your family.

Easy Growing, Anywhere

A square of just 1200mm (3'11.5 " ), the Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit is ideal for any garden, large or small. Because you fill it with your own compost, you've no need to worry about soil quality, so you can place it anywhere "" even on a patio or in a concrete urban yard.

A raised planter is extremely helpful for people who have difficulty kneeling or bending down to work on their plants. Using a raised planter takes some of the effort out of gardening, giving you extra energy to tend to more plants.

Made with Eco-Friendly, Long-Life Timber

The natural timber finish and country-style rustic look of the Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit will complement any garden design. Made with FSC Certified Timber from well managed forests, choosing a Rowlinson product gives you a clear conscience and environmental peace of mind. Because the Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit is pressure treated, it will not rot whilst being in contact with the ground.

The Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit comes with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee.

Instructions and fixing kit are included, making the Rowlinson Raised Bed/Sandpit quick and easy to assemble using basic tools.

Included In the Box

  • Flat packed Rowlinson Raised Planter
  • Instructions
  • Fixing kit


  • Height: 300mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Depth: 1200mm

Delivery Details

  • Arrives flat packed
  • Delivered within 7 days
  • Delivery is to mainland UK only. For Northern Ireland and offshore please contact us for a quote on delivery.
  • Delivery is to kerbside
  • Monday-Friday delivery only

Manufactured by Rowlinson, a UK-based family business trading since 1926.

*[Study Abstract:]

  • Manufactured by: Rowlinson