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The British-made Polybutt 220 is designed to look great in your garden and bring you a step closer to water independence. This sturdy and reliable water butt will harvest the bountiful rainwater that falls on the roof of your home, giving you free, clean water to irrigate your plants or wash your car.

The Polybutt is made in England by Polytank, a recognised world leader in moulded plastics with over 30 years experience designing water butts.

The Rustic Water Butt for a Country Garden

Traditional plastic water butts can ruin the atmosphere of outdoor space and look ugly against your house. The Polybutt 220, however, is designed to look great in your garden. Its moulded woodgrain finish gives the Polybutt a natural, rustic feel suited to country gardens. A variety of colours is available to match the design and landscape of your garden (please choose your colour from the dropdown box at the bottom of this page).

Manufactured from UV stabilised LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene), the Polybutt will not fade in the sunshine. At just 520mm (less than 2ft) in diameter, the Polybutt 220 is ideal for any home or garden, however large or small.

Save Money and the Environment

Rainwater is a freely available and bountiful commodity. Yet it is also highly valuable and essential for human, animal and plant life. The Polybutt 220 will collect clean, clear and safe rainwater from your roof. Using this rainwater that falls on the roof can reduce your tap water use by up to 50%, saving you significant money off a metered water bill.

As global warming rises, water is going to become increasingly scarce and more expensive. Collecting rainwater at every opportunity will become the norm rather than the exception. Because the Polybutt is manufactured in England, it has a smaller carbon footprint than waterbutts that are shipped from overseas.

Designed and Built to Last

The Polybutt 220 is built to last. It has a working life of 10-15 years, and will not degrade over time or lose its strength.

The rotational moulding used in Polybutt's manufacture makes it much stronger and sturdier than other water butts manufactured using injection moulding or blow moulding.

The Polybutt is simple to set up, with holes pre-drilled for easy fitting. Once set up, it does all the hard work of collecting rainwater for you. All you have to do is turn on the Polybutt's tap and let it fill your bucket or watering can.

Included accessories

Stand, lid, fitted tap, and rainsaver (water diverter) are all included with the Polybutt.


Made from UV stabilised polyethylene, the stand will not buckle under the weight of water or during extreme hot weather. It will hold the wait of 400 litres of water "" making it failsafe for a 220 litre water butt.


Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene, the lid will not deform or fade in the sun. It's strong enough to hold a plant pot or garden ornament on top, adding to the natural and rustic feel of the Polybutt. The lid is secure and child friendly, held in place by 8mm clips.

Fitted Tap

Enables easy access to the rainwater collected by the Polybutt. Simply turn it on for a supply of water "" just like any other garden tap.

Rain Saver

The Rainsaver connects your drainpipe direct to the Polybutt. Suitable for 68mm round and 65mm square downpipes.

Size (Water Butt)

  • Height: 980mm (3'3 " )
  • Diameter: 520mm (1'9 " )
  • Weight (empty): 8kg
  • Capacity: 220 litres

Size (Stand)

  • Height: 350mm (1'2 " )
  • Diameter: 520mm (1'9 " )
  • Weight: 4kgs


The Polybutt will be delivered to your home within a maximum of ten days. Please note, delivery is to mainland UK only (ex Scottish Highlands). If you live in the Highlands or islands please contact us for a delivery charge.

  • Manufactured by: Polytank

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