Ecozone Chemical-Free Toilet Odour Eater

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A Long-lasting solution to bathroom odours, the Ecozone Chemical-Free Toilet Odour Eater is a great buy for any household. Save money by investing in this resilient, effective product and you can stop buying battery operated room sprays or re-fillable mists time and time again. Guaranteed for lifetime use, this is the only bathroom odour killer you need! Never again will you even have to think about toilet odours. Once fitted this Chemical-free solution will be effective for life.

Keep your bathroom fresh forever!

Ecological and chemical free the Ecozone Toilet Odour Eater works by using the known reaction of high-grade steel combined with water. Once fitted there is nothing else you need to do! With a diameter of 5cm, this is a handy and subtle gadget that can be placed in your toilet for years of freshness! It is simple to use. Hang this item over the edge of the toilet bowl, as you would an ordinary chemical odour eater - and leave to work its magic! Once in place you can walk from your bathroom with confidence that toilet odours will no longer be a problem.

A solution that saves you money...

By investing in an Ecozone Chemical-Free Toilet Odour Eater you will save money instantly as you stop forking out on other refillable options - such as room sprays or toilet gels. This product is perfect for anyone who strives to remove all embarrassing odours from the bathroom and who wants to do so in the most eco-friendly way possible.

  • Manufactured by: Ecozone

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