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The POWERplus Pelican Solar Power Tyre Gauge is a handy gadget perfect for keeping in your car ready for use when needed. There are always ways to help do your bit for the environment, even when checking the pressure of your car tyres. Using this Digital Tyre Gauge is simple and it ensures accurate pressure measurement. Having the correct pressure in your tyres saves energy and money in two ways. Firstly you save in the reduced amount of fuel you use when driving, and secondly in the replacement batteries that you would need if your Tyre Gauge was not run from solar power.

Energy saving for many road users

Suitable for use with both motorbike and car tyres the POWERplus Pelican Tyre Gauge is already helping many road users contribute to a greener environment. By using this Solar Power Tyre Gauge you save yourself from using batteries, and whilst ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure you save yourself fuel too! Both are fantastic ways to do your bit and protect the environment. Plus, with the nature of its solar powered charging, you never have to worry again about whether you have a spare battery in the dashboard.

Suitable for use day and night.

The Pelican Solar Power Tyre Gauge has built-in mini solar panels for use in the day and back-up battery for night-time use. The Pelican Solar Power Tyre Gauge also includes a built in red flash light to make use at night that extra bit easier! An Orange backlit LCD display and Orange LED light means the digital display is easy to read day or night. Also built into the unit is an extendable depth gauge to measure the depth of tyres.

Technical Details:  
Measuring range 0.15 "" 10 bar
Maximum deviation +/- 0.07 bar
Pressure displayed in bar, psi, kPa or kg/cm ²
Battery 2 x 3V CR2032

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus