43 Watt Solar Caravan and Boat Kit

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This 43-watt solar panel is designed to power the interior lights and water pump on small motor homes, caravans and boats during the summer months. Everything you need to set up your motor home or caravan to run on solar power is included: 43-watt solar panel, universal fixing kit, digital test meter, and charge controller. This kit is designed for fitting the solar panel permanently to the roof of a motor home, caravan or the deck of a boat. Being permanently connected to the battery will prevent the battery from ever going flat.

Freedom to Travel Anywhere

Powering up your motor home or caravan using solar power is not only eco-friendly but it gives you complete independence from mains power. You have the true freedom to go to any campsite without worrying about whether they have a mains hook up. You'll be free to travel the wilderness, staying wherever you want, always knowing that you'll have the convenience and luxury of electric lighting and a working water pump.

Manufactured to the Highest Standards

This solar panel is designed to last. It comes with a 20 year cell warranty and a 10 year module warranty. Individual solar cells on the panel are laminated onto a multi-layer back sheet to protect against moisture ingress, and ensure UV stability and electrical insulation. The solar panel is mounted onto a corrosion resistant, heavy-duty anodised aluminium frame.

Wherever you travel, whether the weather is sunny or stormy, you'll have peace of mind that your solar panel is designed for use in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions.

Peak Performance

Manufactured from crystalline silicon technology, this solar panel is more efficient than amorphous or thin film solar panels, especially in lower light and cloudy conditions such as those found in the UK. This is a truly 'all weather' solar panel, charging as long as there is daylight.

In peak conditions, the solar panel provides 301 watt-hours per day/17.4 amp-hours per day. This is equivalent to 2.5 Amps per hour of sunlight.

Included Accessories

  • Free Digital Test Meter to analyse the performance of the solar panel and the battery.
  • STS01204 Charge controller protects your battery from overcharging and prevents reverse current drain.
  • FKA08 Universal fixing kit attaches the panel to your motor home or caravan.

Fitting kit upgrade

Upgraded fixing kit For an easier installation, choose our fitting kit upgrade for the 43-Watt motor home and boat solar panel. The upgraded fitting kit is neat, effective, and less work to install. It replaces the aluminium fitting fixtures (FKA08) with fitting moulds that can be attached to the roof using SikaFlex 252 bonding agent "" so you won't need to drill a hole through the roof of your motor home.

The fitting kit upgrade can only be ordered with a solar panel. Please select this optional upgrade at the bottom of this page.

Included in the Box

  • 43 Watt Solar Panel
  • 4Ah charge controller
  • Universal fitting kit with aluminium brackets
  • Cable feed gland
  • SikaFlex 252 Bonding Agent (1 tube)
  • Digital solar test meter
  • Fuses and ring terminals
  • Detailed Fitting instructions

Optional Fitting Kit Upgrade

  • 4 pack of EP00030 Fitting Moulds
  • Replaces the aluminium brackets universal fixing kit
  • No drilling required
  • Includes detailed fitting instructions

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 634x534x35mm
  • Weight: 4.3kg
  • Power: 43 Watts
  • Peak Output: 2.5A @ 17.6V
  • Output (watts): 301 watt-hours per day
  • Output (amps): 17.4 amp-hours per day
  • Model Number: STPMH43

Suitable for

  • Light use on smaller campervans and caravans
  • Providing consistent power for interior lights and water pump

  • Manufactured by: Solar Technology