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The ecobutton is an exciting and innovative new product that has a very important purpose - to help you save energy instantly. The ecobutton acts as a strong visual reminder to any PC user that leaving it idle can waste huge amounts of energy. Plug the ecobutton into a USB port of your PC and then simply press it when you are going to leave your computer idle. The ecobutton will switch your PC to 'ecomode' and you start saving energy immediately! You couldn't ask for anything quicker or easier to improve your energy efficiency.

With the Illuminated ecobutton you will never ignore your computer energy again

Any computer user knows how frustrating it is to have to power down or hibernate whilst leave computer work for a while as it can take so long to power-up again. The ecobutton puts a stop to this and makes saving energy completely simple. The ecobutton will put your computer into the most efficient energy saving mode available. When you return, simply press a key on your keyboard (or some computers need a momentary press of the power button) and your computer instantly returns to the state where you left off. 

The ecobutton is a fascinating product that is fun to use and really makes a great buy for any Windows PC user. Each time your computer is put into 'ecomode' the clever ecobutton software records how many carbon units and how much power and money you have saved by using the ecobutton. Whether you buy it for personal use at the office, for a group of co-workers or for the children - everyone will love this fun but useful product!  

Why use an ecobutton?

Did you know that one third or more of energy used on a PC and monitor is wasted energy? This wasted energy can personally cost you £50 or more a year! Can you imagine how much energy a laser printer would use to print 800 A4 printed copies? This is how much energy a single monitor left on overnight could be using. Put a stop to this waste of your money now and invest in an ecobutton. It can dramatically cut your energy loss (and your energy bills) with just one press. Once your computer is in ecomode it awakens simply by pressing any key or button. It really is a simple way to cut down on your carbon footprint. One home desktop computer can make a huge saving of up to 135kg of CO2 per year just by putting an ecobutton into use. The ecobutton is RoHS compliant and made from recycled plastics meaning it is every bit the eco-saver that it claims to be.  

The most common question that is asked about the ecobutton is "what kind of sleep mode does ecobutton actually engage, is it just the normal Standby mode?"

The answer is: No, ecobutton does not employ the normal Standby mode (although you may get the on screen message 'Preparing to Standby' when you use your ecobutton). The mode that ecobutton engages is a deeper energy saving mode than the regular Standby mode you usually find as default on a Windows PC.

On most PCs there are 4 inbuilt sleep states - S1, S2, S3 and S4. With each successive sleep state, from S1 to S4 (hibernate), more of the computer is shut down. However, the majority of PCs are actually supplied with S2 and S3 disabled leaving just the most shallow sleep state (S1) and the deepest (S4 hibernate) available to most users. Most people tend not to use hibernate due to the length of time the PC takes to wake up leaving just S1 as the only convenient option.

The sleep states built into most PCs are as follows:

S1 = Basic Standby (Shallow sleep). Typically wakes up in no more than two seconds
S2 = Less power consumption than S1 and greater than in S3. Wake up is usually two seconds or slightly more.
S3 = Less power consumption than in S2. Wake up time is the same as S2.
S4 (hibernate) = The lowest power state but with a long wake up time - sometimes a few minutes or more.

ecobutton re-educates your PC to use S3 when the ecobutton is pressed.

For more detailed information about the various sleep states please see this link

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