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The LED Eco Lantern is a remarkable design in energy saving portable lighting brought to you by Trevor Baylis, the inventor of the wind-up powered radio. With its sleek design the LED Eco Lantern is hand-powered by a high-tech dynamo that generates the most energy for the least winding. It is so versatile that it is the perfect buy for all the family! The Eco Lantern can be used around the house in many ways, such as a 60hr night-light for children, a wall mountable wardrobe light, or a garage/shed light. Or take it out and about for fishing trips, camping trips or use at festivals. It is supplied with a 12V Car Charger to save you winding it up if you prefer. The base of the lantern has an integral handle for easy hanging.

See the light and start saving energy now!

No Batteries or Bulbs are required meaning this Eco lantern is extremely easy to use and maintain. 5-LED bulbs make up a super-bright full power mode whilst an amber 'night light' is also available, meaning two very useful different settings. Just 1 minute of charging gives a staggering 30 minutes of light! The LED Eco Lantern can give you 4 hours of constant 5-LED light or an incredible 3 days of standby light from a full charge. Why not save money and energy by placing these lanterns all over the house and garden for energy efficient use when needed? Also designed to be weatherproof, the lantern is perfect for use indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions.

Further Details:
5 x 5mm LED Bulbs
3.6V LED Voltage
4 Hours constant light from fully charged
3 Days standby light from fully charged
1 minute winding = 30 minutes of light
Also supplied with a 12V In-car charger

  • Manufactured by: Trevor Baylis

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