Freeloader Pro Handheld Solar Charger

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Use the free energy of the sun to power virtually any portable electrical device - including digital cameras, mobile phones and portable DVD players - with the Freeloader Pro handheld solar charger. The Freeloader Pro sets a new standard for mobile solar charging, and is designed to power high drain gadgets such as digital camcorders, mp4 video players, smartphones, and portable DVD players.

Lightweight and Robust

Lightweight - weighing little more than a mobile phone, and robust - built from hardwearing aerospace aluminium, the Freeloader Pro can be used to solar charge your iPhone, Nintendo DS Lite, or Sony PSP. The Pro's 200mA premium quality crystalline micro solar cells provide high performance solar charging in low light or poor weather conditions. Crystalline solar cells are more efficient than other thin film solar panels, especially in low light. This makes the Freeloader Pro ideal for use in cloudy regions such as the UK.

You can watch an excellent video review of the Freeloader Pro being demonstrated by one of the editors of cnet by clicking here.

Fully Charged in 8 Hours

Built into the Freeloader Pro is a high power 1600mAh Li-on rechargeable battery. The battery will fully charge in sunlight in as little as 8 hours, or will fully charge in just 3 hours if connected to a computer USB port using the included USB cable. To use the Pro's power, you simply connect it up to your chosen device. It will power a mobile phone for up to 70 hours, an iPod for up to 28 hours, or a portable DVD player for 3-4 hours. The Pro's colour change Power Halo display shows how full the battery is when charging (red) or when connected to a device (blue). A multi-voltage switch ensures the safe transfer of power at up to 9.5V.

CamCaddy: Charge your Digital Camera Anywhere

Photographers get an extra special treat with the Pro - the CamCaddy solar powered camera battery charger. Instead of connecting up the Pro to your camera, you put the battery from your digital camera into the CamCaddy to charge. A fully charged Pro will give a compact digital camera battery a 100% charge, whilst digital camcorder and SLR batteries will charge to 80%-90% of full capacity. The CamCaddy is adjustable to fit almost every type of digital camera battery.

Click here to run the CamCaddy Compatibility Checker and see if your brand of digital camera or camcorder can be charged by the Freeloader Pro.


This is a truly professional and multifunctional solar charger. Adapters are supplied to fit almost any portable gadget. Compatible devices include (maximum runtime when connected to a fully charged Pro):

  • Nokia mobile phones and smartphones with both standard and mini charge sockets (70 hours)
  • All current Samsung mobile phones and smartphones (70 hours)
  • All current LG mobile phones and smartphones (70 hour)
  • All current Sony Ericsson handsets (70 hours)
  • iPod, iPhone, iTouch (28 hours)
  • Motorola handsets (70 hours)
  • Blackberry handsets (70 hours)
  • Most other smartphones with a USB socket (70 hours )
  • Any device powered by a USB charge cable
  • Nintendo DS Lite (4 hours)
  • Sony PSP (4 hours)
  • Archos handheld media players (3-4 hours)
  • Most MP4 players (3-4 hours)
  • Most PDAs (35 hours)
  • Portable DVD Players (3-4 hours)
  • E-Book readers (5,000 page turns)
  • Any device with a 4mm power socket
  • Compact Digital Cameras (100% recharge with CamCaddy)
  • Digital SLR Cameras (80%-90% recharge with CamCaddy)
  • Digital Camcorders (80%-90% recharge with CamCaddy)
  • In the Box

  • Freeloader Pro handheld solar charger
  • CamCaddy
  • Connection/Power cable
  • Soft pouch (for Freeloader Pro)
  • 10 adapter tips
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • CamCaddy Features

  • Universal battery charger - works with all cameras
  • Keeps your camera working wherever you are
  • Spring loaded side bar holds battery in position
  • Adjustable charging pins to fit the battery from your camera
  • 4 LEDs indicate battery charge status
  • Technical Specifications

  • Includes 10 year manufacturers guarantee and a 20 year performance guarantee on the solar cells
  • Solar Panels: 200mA
  • Li-on Battery: 1600MAh
  • Input voltage from USB 5V 500mA
  • Output Voltage: 4.5V to 9.5V
  • Weight 174g
  • Folded Size 150 x 63 x 20mm
  • Open Size: 238 x 63 x 20mm
  • Camcaddy Specifications

  • Max operating voltage: 9.5V
  • Weight: 68g
  • Size: 130x71x30mm
  • Max battery depth: 67mm

    • Manufactured by: Solar Technology