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The Polybutt 110 is an innovative take on a classic product. Instead of making their water butt in the traditional green "dustbin" design, the clever people at Polytank have made it in a wood grain effect to give it a "rustic" feel. The Polybutt 110 is a complete kit, including all the parts you need to start harvesting rain to give yourself a free supply of water for garden irrigation, or car washing.

A well thought out and designed water butt

The Polybutt 110 water butt holds 110 litres (24 Gallons) of rainwater when full and stands 1.2 metres high (48 inches). It is ideal for the small garden, or where you have a small roof area collecting water. The diameter of the water butt is just 430 mm (17 inches) so it really can be tucked away into small corners. The design is that of a stretched water butt, with a wood grain effect. You can choose from five colours: recycled Black - Oak Effect - Green - Pine Effect and Washed Terracotta (please choose from the dropdown box at the bottom of the page) to fit the brick, stone, or foliage where you locate it.

All Polybutt products come complete with a matching stand, tap, lid and rainsaver water diverter. The water butt has two pre-drilled holes (one plugged) for ease of fitting. The lid is secured with four 8mm arrow clips to make it child friendly (you cannot remove the lid without gently prising it open). All you need is a few minutes to set it up, and you will be that bit closer to water independence. Read our guide to water butts here.

Strong and designed to last

The Polybutt 110 is made using rotational moulding. This is important because it makes a much stronger water butt than the alternatives of injection moulding or blow moulding. Indeed this water butt has been made in such a way that the lid is actually designed to take the weight of a flower pot. The Polybutt is made from fully UV stabilised LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) so it should have a good 10-15 year life, unlike its cheaper alternatives. Also unlike many of the other water butts we sell, the Polybutt is made in England, so it has a smaller carbon footprint.

Water Butt Stand
Litres Gallons
Capacity 110 24
mm Inches mm Inches
Diameter 430 17 430 17
Height 910 36 300 12
Kg Kg
Weight 4 3

Please note, delivery is to mainland UK only (ex Scottish Highlands). If you live in the Highlands or islands please contact us for a delivery charge.

  • Manufactured by: Polytank

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