Ecosavers Radiator Foil



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Ecosavers Radiator Foil helps you save money on your central heating bill and save the environment! Do another little bit towards saving the planet and install this new type of insulator foil for radiators. Through its high heat reflecting properties the Ecosavers Radiator foil reflects warmth back into the room rather than letting it become absorbed by the wall behind it.

Simple and effective wall insulation.

No need for wallpaper paste or glues, this insulation foil is one of the easiest types around! The Ecosavers Radiator Foil comes with a huge 10m of self-adhesive magnetic tape for simple installation behind your radiators. Each pack contains a single sheet of Radiator Foil measuring 5m x 0.5m.

Why use radiator insulator?

Did you know that almost 70% of heat from the back of a radiator is absorbed by the adjoining wall, meaning that it is completely wasted? This means that only 30% of the heat is appreciated by you in the room. Ecosavers Radiator foil works to put a stop to this heat waste, saving the environment and saving you money too!

How to use it?

Cut the tear proof foil to the size of your radiator and place the magnetic tape on the surroundings of the foil sticking down the adhesive side. Now you take your ready-cut insulation and place it on the back of the radiator. With the Ecosavers Radiator Foil making corrections is also simple by just sliding the foil. Note that this foil attaches to the back of the radiator, and not to the wall behind the radiator. We also offer the more effective radiator panels that attach to the wall (allowing warm air to flow up both sides of the radiator, but still insulating the wall).

  • Manufactured by: Ecosavers