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The Ecoflap EX is the latest version of the innovation that stops draughts through your letterbox. It is cleverly designed to close itself and completely stops air flow into or out of the house through the letterbox. As much as 27% of the heat of your room can be lost through a poorly sealed letterbox so the Ecoflap could save you a lot of money, and pay for itself many times over. Buy one now to cut your heating bill.

The Ecoflap is a simple but effective way to stop draughts

A letter box is a source of heat loss that is often overlooked by homeowners. Many houses have front doors that open straight into a living room, and the draught blowing through the letterbox pushes up the heating bill considerably. The letter box often creates a rattling noise when it is windy too. The Ecoflap solves these problems. It is an ingeniously designed flap that screws onto the inside of your front door, and replaces any brushes, seals or gravity flaps you have in place at the moment.

The Ecoflap has no springs, magnets or catches - in fact there are no components to break. The flap is designed to close with its own weight, but the way it has been designed means that when the wind blows against it, the Ecoflap is forced closed and not open. The design is such that the closing effect works whether the draught is blowing into your house, or out of the house. It is offered in white with a sandy matt finish.

The Ecoflap adjusts automatically to the size of the delivery. It can open wide enough to allow A4 and thickish newspapers and magazines through it, and then closes itself when they have cleared the letterbox. It is also safe - it will not "bite" your fingers or damage mail.


Installation of the Ecoflap takes just a few minutes*. All you need is a screwdriver and some small headed screws (not supplied). If you have a plastic or metal door then you can attach the Ecoflap using a "kitchen and bathroom silicone sealant" (available from any DIY shop).

At this stage the Ecoflap is only suitable for horizontal letterboxes. The manufacturers are working on a design for a vertical letterbox so watch this space.

You can watch a video explaining how the Ecoflap manages to stop draughts in both directions here:

And you can see a video explaining how to install the Ecoflap here:

Dimensions of the Ecoflap:

  • The Ecoflap internal hole width is 28.75cms (11.3"). This will also cover most bolts that secure front letter flaps.
  • There is a flange around the Ecoflap to cover any uneven or untidy hole cuts, once the existing draught barrier is removed. This will also house the Ecoflap fixing screws.
  • The locating lip is 3.3cms above the bottom edge of Ecoflap flange.
  • The Ecoflap will accommodate post up to 26cms (10.25") wide CLEAR and 4.2cms (approx 1.75") high CLEAR. The diagram below shows the overall size of the opening.
  • The Ecoflap will draught proof a hole up to 8.3cms (over 3.2") high and over 30.0cms (12") wide.
  • The Ecoflap is now available in three colours: white, black and brown. Please choose your colour at the bottom of this page.

Ecoflap dimensions

* Please note:
The locating lip is the subtle jutting out edge on the lower edge of Ecoflap's aperture at the back. The lip mus be resting on and inside the lower edge of the letter box hole to ensure flush fitting. If it is not, then there is a risk of distorting the unit when attempting to screw (or glue) the Ecoflap to the door. It will then not be flush which defeats the object of Ecoflap. The lip is sized to cater for Victorian Letter Boxes and lines Ecoflap up to the outside letter plate. Use tape to hold in place before screwing Ecoflap to the door, and use small headed screws to accommodate the caps.

  • Manufactured by: Jessel Innovations

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