Solar Mate Secure Professional Security Light



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The Solar Mate Secure Professional is one of the best security lights available in the solar powered segment. It is remarkably bright, especially when you consider that it needs no connection to mains electricity. It is a PIR (Passive Infra Red), movement activated security light which is designed for busy locations such as passageways, driveways, steps or anywhere with high footfall.

An ultra-bright solar powered security light.

The Solar Mate Secure Professional uses a powerful 2.5 Watt solar panel to charge the integrated battery that powers the bright 45 LED light. This combination allows the security light to illuminate an area that would otherwise require a halogen light. In common with other solar powered security lights in this category, the solar panel works best if it charges from direct sunlight. For this reason, the Solar Mate Secure Professional is supplied with a 4.5 metre (14.8 ft) cable to connect the solar panel to the light unit.

The Solar Mate Secure Professional has an integrated battery pack which is located in the light unit. It is charged during the day using the powerful 2.5 Watt Crystalline solar cell, ready to use during the dark. The light unit contains 45 super bright white LEDs which are strong enough to light 100 square metres - and no mains electricity required.

The unit is activated with a built-in PIR (Passive Infra Red) movement sensor which can be adjusted for sensitivity and time (you can set the light to shine for between 10 seconds and 70 seconds per activation). Full fitting instructions are included.

Technical Description:

  • Two Watt premium crystalline solar cell
  • Light unit contains 45 white LEDs and a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor
  • Light unit is supplied with a  rechargeable battery pack
  • 4.5m connecting cable joins the light unit to the solar panel
  • Wall fixings included

  • Manufactured by: Solar Technology