POWERplus BAT dynamo LED flashlight



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The POWERplus BAT is a dynamo (wind-up) powered LED torch that is either worn on the head or mounts on your bicycle. Despite being low cost, this flashlight has a five year warranty, and is supplied with both a headband and a bicycle clip to give you flexibility as well as visibility.

The BAT gives you mobile light everywhere you go

Like the other POWERplus products the BAT uses LEDs as the light source. In this case the BAT has three LEDs each of which has an expected life span of 50,000 hours (more than 5 years). The three LEDs give out 6 Lumens (roughly equivalent to the light cast by six candles onto a one square foot area from one foot away). The BAT has three lighting modes:

  • power saving mode - one LED lit
  • high power mode - three LEDs lit
  • flashing mode - all three LEDs flash

The BAT is powered by a battery that is charged using the integral winding handle. One minute of winding should give 40 minutes of light from the three LEDs, or 90 minutes of light if just one LED is lit. In flashing mode, the one minute of winding (and this means a brisk three rotations per second) would give 90 minutes of flashing at two flashes per second.

The BAT is rain proof, and coated in soft black rubber for maximum protection. It is supplied with an industrial grade elastic headband and a multifunctional bicycle clip to fit the handlebars of your bicycle.

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus