Minnow solar powered key ring torch



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The Minnow is the type of product you may not use very often, but when you do, you will be very grateful you have it. The Minnow is a small solar powered torch designed to be a key fob (keychain). It is both practical and smart, giving you a light source wherever you go, and reinforcing your "renewable energy" credentials.

A solar LED torch to keep with your keys

The Minnow has a single bright LED as its light source. The LED flashlight is capable of emitting 1.5 Lumens (which is the amount of light given out by one and a half candles, one foot away, on an area of one foot square) which is ideal for close up work like seeing where to put the key in the lock. The LED has an estimated life of 50,000 hours.

The Minnow Solar LED torch charges from direct sunlight via its integrated, compact solar panel. Indoor electric light will not give much charging value. After one minute of direct sunshine, the torch should shine for 10 minutes and after four hours of direct sunlight the torch should be fully charged, giving 30 minutes of shine time.

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus

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