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A new addition to the POWERplus range, the Barracuda is a dual powered torch - it can be charged either by its built-in solar panel or by winding the integrated handle to charge the battery via its dynamo.

Charging by two renewable energy sources

The Barracuda is a compact flashlight which is waterproof to 5 metres. Its rugged credentials are improved by the tough rubber bumpers on the ends and sides to protect it from knocks and make it easier to grip. In common with most modern rechargeable torches of this type, it uses three super bright LEDs as its lightsource.

Pressing the power button will consecutively change the operating mode as follows: Off, One LED (power save mode), Three LEDs (Maximum brightness mode), Three LEDs Flashing. With all three LEDs lit the torch emits a super bright 8 Lumens (i.e. the power of eight candles one foot away falling on a one square foot area). The life of the LEDs is estimated at 50,000 hours (over five years).

The torch can be charged by direct sunlight (don't expect much charge from indoor lighting) or by winding the dynamo (the data below assumes a fairly rapid three rotations per second):

Barracuda shine time after one minute of winding:

  • 3 LEDs: 60 minutes
  • 1 LED: 80 minutes
  • 3 LEDs flashing: 110 minutes

Barracuda shine time after one hour of direct sunlight:

  • 3 LEDs: 90 minutes
  • 1 LED: 120 minutes
  • 3 LEDs flashing: 140 minutes

The torch should charge fully in 8 hours of sunshine (if we only had that much sun in the UK). When fully charged it should shine for four hours (with all 3 LEDs lit).

  • Manufactured by: Powerplus