Classic Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer

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The Classic Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer clothes has distinctive three ribbed end pieces and is unique to the manufacturer, Cast in Style. The Ceiling Airer is a top quality, durable and long lasting clothes airer. The solid cast iron airer ends have more curve to them than any of the other Cast in Style products, which means the Redwood pine slats are further apart to allow you to load thicker items (folded towels for instance) onto it more easily.

The Classic Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer is an economical way to dry your laundry

When mounted securely to the ceiling, the largest model of the Classic Kitchen Maid is capable of drying up to 30kg of washing. The saving in energy from this method compared with the cost of using a tumble dryer means that the Classic Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer can pay for itself in less than 12 months. And this saving extends to the carbon footprint you offset, - a tumble dryer contributes 0.15 Tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

The Classic style Clothes Airer is a little wider (it is 40cm wide) than the Traditional style or Victorian style Ceiling Airers. The end pieces are more curved though so it takes up 33cm from ceiling to the bottom of the airer when fully hoisted. The benefit of this is that the gap between laths is greater so you can fit thicker items between them - folded towels for instance. The Airer comes with four laths with lengths of between 1.2m (4ft) and 2.4m (8ft) - please choose below.

The wooden slats are professionally finished and smoothed over so as not to snag on your washing. The manufacturer, Cast in Style, is FSC certified so you can rest assured that the laths come from sustainable, renewable sources. This means that for every tree that is cut down to make your airer at least 1 new one is grown to replace it, keeping the forests alive.

The cast iron end pieces are available in five different colours (please select below): black, white, lacquer, ivory, and pewter. This range of colours was developed specifically to match the Aga range of colours.

What do you get "in the box"?

Your Classic Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer will be supplied with:
  • 2 x cast iron ends,
  • 4 wooden laths,
  • a single pulley,
  • a double pulley,
  • 10m rope (option for 15m - choose below),
  • a cleat with screws and
  • installation instructions (which can also be dowloaded by clicking here)
  • 5 year guarantee.
The Airer is supplied as standard with Nylon wheels in the pulleys. You can choose to upgrade (see below) to deluxe cast iron wheels. The manufacturers, Cast in Style, have designed the pulleys with tough, steel "Œdetachable " screw threads that they 100% guarantee will not break. If you move house or want to relocate your airer, you detach the pulleys from their screw threads and Cast in Style will send you replacement screw rods to allow you to reinstall your clothes airer, at no cost. Contact us if you need assistance with this.

The 10 metre rope supplied is high quality organic cotton lined, lifelong nylon rope which is much more durable than traditional jute rope. In fact it is so strong that it is used on boats and yachts. The rope is guaranteed for 5 years. So even if you load your clothes airer up to the maximum weight you can have complete confidence that the rope will not break. We also give you the option of 15 metre rope if you have a high or sloping ceiling and need extra length (please select below).


Delivery is to UK Mainland addresses excluding the Scottish Highlands only. If you would like delivery to an address that is in the Scottish Highlands or not on UK mainland, please get in touch with us. Everything is possible (including delivery to the Republic of Ireland), it just may cost more.

  • Manufactured by: Cast in Style