Heatkeeper energy saving radiator panels (pack of 10)



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The Heatkeeper radiator panel is installed on the wall behind a radiator and reflects heat from the radiator back to prevent warmth being lost into the wall. The Energy Saving panel works like a mirror to infra-red heat, significantly reducing the amount of energy used by your central heating system that is lost through external walls.

A pack of 10 radiator panels for most household radiators

In a normal centrally heated room, a lot of heat is lost into the wall behind the radiator, before rising to ceiling level where more is lost into the fabric of the house. The Heatkeeper is designed to make warm air spin away from the wall into the room, reducing the time it takes for the room to warm up, and all but eliminating cold spots. The radiator panel also reflects radiant heat back to the radiator so that the circulating water in the central heating system flows back to your boiler at a higher temperature. This means your boiler fires up less often which saves you money.

Without a radiator panel With a radiator panel
Radiator without Heatkeeper Radiator with a Heatkeeper

The pack of 10 Heatkeeper Energy Saving Radiator panels comes with strong, double-sided sticky tape for sticking the panels to the wall behind the radiator, and complete step by step instructions. The panels are designed to be the height of the most common household radiator - its dimensions are: 580mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep. Typically it takes between two and two and half panels to insulate behind a radiator.

Radiator height (mm) Use section numbers Panel height (mm)
300 2+3 260
400 1+2+3 375
450 3+4 410
500 2+3+4 465
600 1+2+3+4 580
Sections and struts of the Heatkeeper

Use a pair of scissors and the supplied instructions and cutting guides to adapt the insulating panels to most radiator sizes and types. If the radiator is greater in height than 600mm then additional sections can be cut along the segment edges and taped to the top of a full height panel . For example a full height panel plus a horizontal section 1 will give a 680m panel which would be suitable for a 700mm radiator. Anyone with reasonable proficiency in DIY will be capable of fitting the radiator panels. You do not have to remove the radiator to install them.

With and without a panel The radiator panel is made with a specialised saw tooth, metallised design. This reduces heat loss both by minimising the radiant energy lost through the wall (particularly an issue with external walls) and improving the flow of hot air to reduce the time taken to heat up the room.

  • Manufactured by: Joulesave