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The new OWL wireless electricity monitor (model CM119) is a simple way to see how much electricity individual appliances in your home are using, and what they are costing you. It provides real time information on the amount of money you can save by turning off a light, switching a TV off standby, or boiling less water in the kettle. Using the OWL will change the way you behave in your own home and with electricity prices so high, it could easily save you hundreds of pound each year.

A wireless energy monitor that is simple to use yet fully featured

The new and improved OWL wireless electricity monitor (CM119) is the latest portable energy monitor to come from the manufacturer, 2 Save Energy. It builds on the award winning features of the original model such as the compact size and large, clear to read display. The new OWL has new features that let you see how your energy cost accumulates over a period of time you choose (be that daily, weekly or monthly). This lets you see more clearly how you are using electricity over a cycle of time such as a 24 hour period and how changing your lifestyle changes that cost. It also has a multiple tariff facility to cope with Economy 7. The battery life has also been extended considerably.

The OWL is still simple and quick to install. Simply clip the sensor to the electricity supply cable* (no expensive electrician required here), connect the sensor to the transmitter and put in the batteries. It really is that easy. Read the installation guide here, the full user guide here, or watch this short video guide:

* The sensor cannot measure your electricity use if it is clipped over a 2 or 3 core mains cable. It needs to be connected around the incoming live cable to the meter or the live mains supply cable between the meter and the fuse box. If cables are hidden then seek professional advice please.


  • Currency display: Pounds, Dollars, Euros
  • Displays: Greenhouse gas emissions, KWh, Temperature and time.
  • Accuracy <1A: Not specified
  • Accuracy 1A to 3A: Better than 10%
  • Accuracy 3A to 71A: Better than 5%
  • Wireless frequency: 433Mhz
  • Wireless range: 30 metres in the open, less with walls

  • Manufactured by: OWL