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As well as being a clock, the Eco Showerdrop has a display to let you know how much water you have used in the shower, and when the recommended amount of water has been used up. It is so easy to climb into the shower, let the warm water flow over you, and let your mind wander aimlessly over future or past events. Twenty minutes later, you focus on the reason for being there, but by then you have used up huge amounts of hot water. The Eco Showerdrop is a clever little timer to help you avoid wasting this water and energy in the shower.

The Eco Showerdrop could save you £180 each year

A standard bath holds between 80 and 100 litres of water, and conventional wisdom suggests that we save water by taking showers instead of baths. The problem is that we can end up in the shower for a very long time, and matters can be worse if you have a power shower. Modern power showers can easily use over 20 litres of water each minute. That means that your shower could use up 100 litres of water in just five minutes. If you stand around contemplating the day ahead in these showers you will definitely be worse off than if you had a bath.

The NGO Waterwise did a survey at the end of 2007 in which they calculated that the average shower used around 64 litres of water. However Waterwise and leading water suppliers calculate that 35 litres is sufficient to have a really good shower. With different water pressures and different shower heads, the flow of water varies between showers so measuring time alone won't tell you how much water has been used.

The Eco Showerdrop uses a digital display to let you know how much water your shower is using, and tells you when you have reached the recommended 35 litres of water. It does not require installation and the set-up is just a matter of measuring the time it takes for your shower to fill a set volume of water (using a measuring jug from your kitchen for example).

Using calculations verified by Waterwise and the Energy Saving Trust (which assume a 7.2 minute shower and 9 litres/minute flow rate), the Eco Showerdrop could save the average family of four £180 each year in water and water heating bills, as well as 40,000 litres of water. That is the equivalent to reducing your carbon footprint by 2/3 of a tonne.
  • ABS plastic, droplet shape encases LCD display
  • LCD display shows volume of water in numerical and graphical format
  • Waterproof case and buttons
  • Wall mounted or lanyard hung
  • Lithium battery with a life of 12 months
  • Dimensions: 75mm (h), 45mm (w), 15mm (d)
Two more facts to leave you with: showering accounts for about one third of the total water used in the home and is the fastest growing area of water use. Buy an Eco Showerdrop now and stop wasting water.

Watch our video explanation of the Eco Showerdrop here:

  • Manufactured by: Product Creation