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Plants for People is Anna Lewington's engaging and thought-provoking journey through rainforest and field. This book will open your mind up to a whole new world of understanding about our planet. Anna's thorough research into the uses and study of plants offers readers an illuminating and captivating insight into the botanical bounty around us.

The essential nature of plants

Plants for People explains and contextualises both common and rare plants and their uses and applications in the human world. Anna Lewington explains how they feed, clothe, clean, cure and protect us in everyday life. She discusses the uses of wood pulp in clothing, soya in fast food and sunflower seeds in our fuel. This is a fascinating read which makes a great gift for the budding gardener, or an excellent read for any ecologically enquiring mind. Plants for People argues for greater understanding about what the world can offer us, so that we can strive to do our best for it.


  • 'A bible for herbiphiles.' - Douglas Palmer, New Scientist.
  • 'A feast of a book, it's a one-stop shop of useful information about the deep impact that plants have on our lives.' - BBC Gardener's World.
  • 'However you did into this book some plant miscellany will capture your attention, and the lavish photos keep you page turning.' - Earth Matters, Friends of the Earth.


Anna Lewington is a global researcher and well-known writer who specialises in ethnobotany: how people and cultures around the world use plants. She has lived and worked with indigenous cultures in South America, and produced several other books on plants including an Atlas of Rainforests, and Ancient Trees.

Product Details

  • A hardback book about the way plants shape and influence our lives.
  • This is an inspirational guide to the world around us.
  • ISBN-13 97818903919088
  • Published by Transworld in October 2003.
  • 304 pages.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld