Sea Change

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Sea Change: Britain's Coastal Catastrophe is Richard Girling's controversial investigation of our changing relationship with the sea and our coastline. It explores the issues that are facing our disappearing coastline, and the impact of our economy, politics and lifestyle upon it.

Tides of change

Sea Change is the tale of the UK's shifting relationship with its coastline. It is a great read for environmentalists and coast enthusiasts alike. It addresses such issues as pollution by sewage, nuclear waste and dumping at sea; extinction of fish stocks; destruction of marine environment, impacts of climate change, coastal erosion and rising sea levels; decline of our seaside resorts; the failure of the 'integrated transport policy'; and smuggling. Richard Girling's Sea Change is a witty and brilliant piece of writing which will inspire you to act to save the seas around Britain.


  • 'Girling pulls no punches in this passionate and blackly witty expose of the problems that face us.' - CULTURE magazine, Sunday Times.
  • 'This is a vivid and devastating account of the decline and fall of the precious waters lapping our coasts... [Girling] manages to weave a wonderfully dry humour into the long and sorry catalogue of generations of neglect and short-sightedness.' - Daily Mail.
  • 'The most brilliant and devastating attack yet written on bungling, political weakness, incompetence and sheer slowness of those who are meant to be in charge of the seas around our shores.' - Adam Nicolson, Evening Standard.
  • 'It's a story of arrogance, ignorance and greed, and in Girling's electrifying prose it becomes a parable of wilful matricide.' - Richard Mabey.


Sunday Times Magazine writer Richard Girling was named Specialist Writer of the Year in the UK Press Awards in 2002 and short-listed in 2005 and 2006. He has also written the books, The View from the Top, Rubbish!, and Sea Change. He has been a consultant to the former Department of the Environment and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and author of campaigns for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). Richard Girling lives and works in North Norfolk.

Product Details

  • A paperback study of the UK coastlines and the environmental changes they are experiencing.
  • This is an engaging read which teaches as it entertains.
  • ISBN-13 9781903919774
  • Published by Transworld in July 2007.
  • 368 pages.

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