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The Interflush is a retrofit kit, to convert standard, single flushing WC siphons (which offer no control over the volume of water flushed) to interruptible flushing siphons (giving you full control over the volume of water flushed). The patented kit is designed to be user friendly in its operation, low cost and easy to install. It can be installed on most siphon and cisterns with front mounted handles (N.b. it is NOT designed for cisterns with side mounted handles including high level chain pull cisterns or those with button operation that use a valve).

The Interflush works by introducing an air valve on the top of the siphon which is closed when the flush handle is down (to allow flushing) and open when the flush handle is up (flushing stopped).


  • It saves the maximum possible amount of water - nothing can beat the Interflush. The user stops the flush just as soon as the toilet is clear. Zero amount of water is wasted. Using any less water would mean the toilet needs flushing again.
  • The most cost effective way to save water. The Interflush offers a very short payback time measured in weeks not years. There is no need to buy a new toilet suite or even a new siphon.
  • Simply fits on top of siphon, no need to even turn the water off. If you consider yourself to be a competent person, you should be able to fit your Interflush in less than half an hour.
  • Designed to fit the maximum number of different siphons and cisterns with front mounted handles.
  • Much easier and simpler than any other device to use. Just press, HOLD until clear, let go (all in one hand operation). None of the user confusion and consequent waste of water associated with button operated devices. Nothing could be simpler.
  • Easy to learn operation: no memory skills are required. Self-teaching, if the handle is released early through force of habit, it stops flushing, prompting the user to press the handle again.
  • Fitting the Interflush makes all cistern reduction devices obsolete and they can now be removed. The cistern can be set at maximum again, the way it was designed to operate. This eliminates double flushing associated with insufficient cistern capacity.
  • Low material use with all parts recyclable.
  • Valves leak, siphons do not. The Interflush fits siphons, not valves and so will help to re-establish the siphon, the only device which cannot leak, as the dominant flushing method.
  • Save up to 47% of your flushing water! In the UK, each person uses about 150 litres of water per day. 60 of these litres are used for toilet flushing. With the Interflush you can save up to 30 litres per person, per day.
  • Since you pay for water twice, once as it enters your property and then again as it leaves the Interflush saves you both water and money! To provide and dispose of each tonne or cubic metre of water uses 0.905 Kwh of electricity and produces 0.404 Kg of Carbon Dioxide so using the Interflush will help the environment too.
  • Is it guaranteed? Yes. Unlike most products in today's throw away society the Interflush is designed to last a lifetime. If, at ANY time, a part should fail, simply return for a free replacement.
  • Made by VaryFlush Ltd in Yorkshire. Designed in Britain and tested by WRAS

  • Manufactured by: Varyflush Ltd