Uniross POM Battery & USB Recharger + 4AA Batteries

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The Uniross Pom is a unique and stylish new battery charger that looks more like a desktop sculpture than a battery charging station! With its flawless white shell and sleek curves the Uniross Pom is an exciting eco-friendly energy centre that can recharge up to 8 batteries at the same time. It comes with four AA rechargable batteries to start you off. It is perfect for devices that use both AA and AAA batteries. Place this product proudly on your desk and its unique design will stand proudly out against other office equipment. Not only is the Pom perfect for the charging of separate rechargeable batteries but it can also directly recharge mobile phones, MP3 players and PDAs via a USBcable. No longer will you feel the urge to hide your battery charge underneath your desk beside plug sockets and excess cables. It is so pleasing on the eye that this product makes battery charging less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

The most stylish battery charger around

Uniross promotes 'Smart Energy Solutions' and the Pom charging pod does exactly that. The Uniross Pom manages to make the act of charging batteries feel sophisticated so it is the perfect gift for any member of the family who takes pride in being green. The Pom features LED indicators that clearly signal when the batteries are fully charged so using the battery charger is very simple. The Pom consumes very little energy while charging which saves you money, and you avoid buying 1000's of regular batteries - meaning you save money twice.

Eco-friendly charging

Uniross is the most ethical battery company in the world and is the only battery company to have an official ecological partner - WWF. In the UK alone approx. 300 million batteries are thrown into landfill every year. That is almost enough to cover 150 football pitches! By purchasing this product you will be supporting Uniross and helping to dramatically cut these numbers. Plus imagine how you can relax knowing you will never have to replace batteries again!

Product Technical Details:
Capacity 2100mAh
Charging Current AA : 350 mA / AAA : 150 mA
Technology Ni-MH
Number of Channels 4
Adaptor Switch mode
AC Input 100 "" 240V
LED Indicators meaning LED are flashing : batteries are being charged
LED are still : batteries are fully charged
Extra Features USB port
Charging Time AA 2100mAh : 7 hours
AAA 800mAh : 6 hours
Reverse Polarity Detection Yes
Short-circuit Protection Yes
Bad Cell Detection Yes
Timer Yes - 9 Hours
Trickle Change AA : 20 mA
AAA : 10 mA

  • Manufactured by: Uniross