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Did you know that leaving products like TV, DVD Players, Games Consoles and Home Theatres or Hi-Fi on standby:

  • can still use as much as 70% of the power as when they are switched on?
  • shortens their life by up to 15%?
  • causes CO2 emissions that harm the environment and add to global warming?

In this country there are around 15 million TVs left on standby for 20 hours per day. This standby power is responsible for more than 10% of domestic electricity usage on average.

The PowerSafer PSX is an advanced new product which has the same effect as turning off your appliances at the mains socket, yet still allows the remote control to be used to turn them back on again. This version is used with a television and up to 5 devices connected to a power strip or gang plug (not supplied). To use with just a television choose the Powersafer 1.1.

How does Powersafer work?

Shortly after you switch all your appliances (e.g. TV, DVD player, Amplifier) to standby mode the PowerSafer disconnects them from the power supply. When you next use your remote control the PowerSafer's infra-red sensor detects this and the Powersafer switches on automatically reconnecting the electricity supply to all the connected devices. Note that you may have to press your remote control button twice - the first time to wake up the Powersafe, and the second time to switch on your appliance.

Key Features

  • Power Safer will reduce your electricity bills so you will recover the cost within a short period of time with everything after that being a bonus
  • Extend the life of your valuable Television, DVD player, Amplifier etc. by turning them completely off when not in use
  • Help the environment
  • No installation is required, just plug and play
  • All you need is a TV with a remote control and an on/off switch.
  • Products on standby are susceptible to current surges. The PSX has Surge and Lightning Protection incorporated to protect your equipment from harmful surges.
  • In a typical home Powersafer should pay for itself within one year just in the electricity savings.

Finally, you have the convenience of using the remote control all the time and never need to unplug at the wall or switch off products again.

Note that the Powersafer PSX is not suitable for computers or devices that use Clocks (e.g. VCR, EPG).

Power supply: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: <0.5W
Switching capacity approx: 480W

  • Manufactured by: Powersafer (UK) Ltd

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