Gardman Netting Grow Tunnel

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This tunnel cloche is an attractive garden or allotment feature, designed to protect your plants. Built with a wire frame and a tough, black net covering the Gardman Netting Grow Tunnel is ideal for protecting new seedlings or germinating plants whilst accustoming them to the changing weather and protecting them from damage.

Why is the tunnel cloche so handy?

The tunnel cloche is well-designed for rows of seedlings. It comes pre-assembled, so you can use it straight away. It has sides that lift up so you can access your plants easily to check their growth and water them, and the whole structure is secured with an elasticated end and a peg to make sure your plants aren't disturbed by birds. When not in use, your grow tunnel can quickly be packed and stored away without fuss.

Ventilation for healthy plant growth

The cover for the tunnel cloche is made from a fine netting, designed specifically for the garden and to provide the correct amount of protection for your plants. It protects them from the birds and insects whilst maintaining air and light inside.


  • 3 metres long
  • 45cm wide

Easy to set up and easy to store away, this handy netted cloche is a great way to germinate plants without interference from birds or rodents and with gentle protection from the elements. Encourage your plants to grow with the Gardman Grow Tunnel.


Delivery of this item is to UK Mainland locations only. If you would like delivery to an offshore location (including Northern Ireland) please contact us first for a quote.

  • Manufactured by: Gardman