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Love your fallen leaves and leave them to compost with this biodegradable Love 'Em and Leaf 'Em leaf bag. You might not have the time or the inclination to invest in a compost bin, so the leaf bag is a fantastic and easy alternative to turn your garden waste into a useable and rich fertiliser for your garden.

Easy to use

It really couldn't be any easier to put your Love 'Em and Leaf 'Em jute bag straight to use. What to do? Fill it with fallen leaves, tie it at the top, then sling it in a corner of the garden and leave it to decompose. By the time Spring comes back around you'll have your own, personal supply of garden compost to sprinkle on your flowers and garden to help it bloom.

Good for the environment

Not only does this jute leaf bag fertilise dead leaves, the bag itself is also biodegradable and so breaks down naturally as the seasons turn - no mess, no waste, no harm to the environment.

Love 'Em and Leaf 'Em leaf bags are approximately 1 metre by 800cms, so pack in plenty of leaves for compost. Made from biodegradable jute, they're unobtrusive in your garden and simply waste away without any fuss at all.

  • Manufactured by: Nether Wallop

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