Green Johanna Composter 330 Litres

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Green Johanna enables you to compost food waste, including meat, fish, bones and dairy products, along with garden waste to produce a quality, year-round compost. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, Green Johanna produces the finest compost, fully broken down into a moist, nutrient rich soil. Green Johanna's compost is the ultimate treat for your vegetables and garden plants. Thanks to her cone shaped design shape and optional winter jacket, Green Johanna consistently supplies fresh compost for 12 months of the year.

Green Johanna: The Composter with a Healthy Appetite

Over half of household rubbish is biodegradable and can be composted. Green Johanna will digest this waste for you, so you won't have to send it to landfill. Green Johanna has a healthy appetite, and will compost the food waste of up to five people together with compostable waste from an average garden. Sending less waste to landfill will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Less landfill waste means fewer lorries on the road carrying the waste, and reduces the need for environmentally degrading landfill sites

Using the Green Johanna you'll be able to dispose of food waste immediately. This means no more smelly bin in your kitchen or stinking dustbin containing old food. Your household waste will be kept clean for recycling.

Green Johanna Allows Your Compost to Breathe

Green Johanna's cone shaped design ensures compost does not stick to the sides of the compost bin, but always sinks down towards the centre, allowing air to circulate and oxygenating the compost. Air circulation can be regulated by turning the lid, allowing you to control the temperature of your compost whatever the season, accelerating compost production. Green Johanna's perforated base plate encourages air circulation, and allows worms to enter the composter whilst keeping out vermin. Four inward facing vents leading in from the base plate encourage air upwards into the composter.

The included wooden stirring stick allows you to effectively stir and aerate your compost. This prevents a build up of the environmentally damaging greenhouse gas methane. Green Johanna's round shape ensures she has no cold corners, so she digests all waste as efficiently as possible. Read our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Green Johanna

Collect Rich Compost Whenever You Need It

Green Johanna is easy to empty. Her rich compost is accessible from a sliding door near the ground. Ready-to-use compost can be taken from here using the supplied stirring stick, so you don't disturb the waste that's still decomposing at the top. The sliding doors also allow you to inspect ongoing compost production, and to see when compost is ready to use.

Assembly is simple. Arrows printed on Green Johanna indicate which sections of the bin must be kept in line.

Grren Johanna Is Designed to Last

Green Johanna comes with a 5 year warranty. She's made from durable plastic designed to last at least ten years.


  • Diameter base: 90cm
  • Diameter lid: 52cm
  • Height: 95cm
  • Weight when empty: 10kg
  • Capacity: 330 litres

Included in the box

  • Green Johanna
  • Stirring Stick
  • Screws for assembly
  • Detailed Instruction Manual (download it here)

Assembly requires a Philips screwdriver and 24 screws. Green Johanna should be placed in a convenient location, on soil or grass, away from direct sunlight.

Optional Winter Jacket

The Green Johanna optional winter jacket is made of foam polyethylene. The winter jacket should be fitted when the average outdoor temperature consistently falls below 5 °C, and removed when the temperature is constantly above 10 °C. It is essential that the Green Johanna winter jacket is removed during warmer weather, otherwise the compost will burn, in which case the micro-organisms die and the process is halted. Please select the optional winter jacket from the drop-down menu at the bottom of this page.


Delivery is to mainland England and Wales and southern Scotland only. For shipping to Northern Ireland, the isles, and Northern Scotland, please contact us for a quote first.

  • Manufactured by: Green Cone