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The terrier i-temp from Pegler is a programmable radiator controller that offers an effective way to provide temperature control to specific rooms at the times you require. The i-temp replaces the head of your existing Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). With i-temps installed you can set the temperature of each room in your house independently. You can stop heating the bedrooms during the day and stop heating the living rooms during the night. You can set the temperature of rooms to be cooler during the day when you are active, and then warm up in the evening when you are relaxing. Savings of 30% on your heating bills are achievable compared with radiators fitted with classic TRVs.

Controlled field trials by the Pegler Yorkshire in association with Longhurst Housing compared the savings made in two identical 3-bed terraced houses, one of which had i-temp installed on seven radiators, and the other of which had thermostatic radiator valves. The result was that in a 24 hour period the heating cost of the house with i-temps installed was £1.73 lower, and 9.17kg of CO2 was saved. If this was repeated every day it would amount to over £50 of reduced heating cost per month. Read about the field trial here (warning: big file).

i-temp installation Installation of the i-temp is simple if you already have a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) installed on your radiator. Simply unscrew the TRV head, insert the batteries (supplied) into the i-temp, programme it, and then attach the i-temp to the valve body. It really is a straight switch that is very easy and quick indeed.


i-temp programming Programming the i-temp is straightforward. To get you started it comes with two pre-set options, one of which is suitable for a bedroom while the other is suitable for a sitting room. Read the manual by clicking here. There is also the option of a customised programme to suit your needs. To programme just set the year, date and time, and then choose one of the preset, or custom options. Install the i-temp and you are ready to go.

The temperature control can be over-ridden manually and the i-temp will take back control at the time of the next temperature switch. There is also a "holiday" mode which sets a constant room temperature as long as you need it.


The i-temp is offered in four versions. Two versions have the valve attached, and two are simple replacements for the head of your Thermostatic Radiator valve. For each type there is a controller suitable for horizontal valves and one for vertical valves. We offer the i-30, which is the replacement head (without the valve) suited to vertical TRVs. This is by far the most common configuration.

The i-temp comes with three different adaptors making it compatible with a wide range of radiator valves. If you have a manual valve you will need to get a plumber in to install a TRV first.

Manufacturer Brand Adaptor
Pegler Yorkshire Terrier Not required
Pegler Yorkshire Mistral Not required
Pegler Yorkshire Belmont 4 Not required
Pegler Yorkshire & Wolseley Bulldog Not required
Altechnic Ecocal Not required
B & Q Regis Not required
BSS BOSS TRV Not required
Comap Westhern 5 TRV AD2
Comap Senso TRV AD2
Comap S2 TRV AD2
Danfoss RAS C2 AD1
Danfoss RAS D2 Revolver AD1
Danfoss RLV-D D Pushfit AD1
Drayton RT212 Not required
Drayton RT414 Not required
Drayton TRV4 Not required
Drayton TRV3 AD3
Grahams Altech Not required
Grasslin Tower TRV REV Not required
Honeywell Rad plan Not required
Honeywell VT117E Not required
Honeywell VT200E Not required
Honeywell VT15 Not required
Myson TRV 2 Way Not required
Myson Petite Not required
PTS Boss Supreme AD2
PTS Boss Classic TRV Required
SALUS SALUS TRV Not required
Screwfix Unbranded TRV Not required
Siemens TRV MTN51GB TRV Not required
Trago Mills Unbranded TRV Not required
Travis Perkins IFLO Not required
Travis Perkins IFLO Contract Not required
AD1, AD2 and AD3 images

  • Manufactured by: Terrier