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Househeat is a fantastic new set of products that allow you to control the temperature of each room in your house independently to save you money. As long as you have Thermostatic Radiator Valves on your radiators you can fit Househeat in minutes and begin cutting your heating bill straight away. The equipment is modular so you can start by installing it in one room to try it out and then expand it to control the radiators in each room of your home.

This Saver pack includes one HouseHeat Thermostat unit and one HouseHeat motorised radiator valve. Additional valves and thermostats can be bought separately.

Control the temperature of each room independently

At its simplest, HouseHeat consists of a thermostat unit that you mount on the wall of your room, which communicates wirelessly with a motorised valve that you install on your radiator. When the temperature of the room reaches the level you have set, the valve will turn the radiator off, and when the temperature of the room starts to drop again, the valve turns the radiator back on.

If you have more than one radiator in a room, you can buy additional valves, and the thermostat will talk wirelessly to all of them. You can then repeat this setup (one wireless thermostat and one or more radiator valves) in each room of your house and they will all work independently. The thermostat unit contains a clock, which allows you to set each room to have different temperatures at different times of the day.

The valve motors are designed to fit nearly all thermostatic radiator valves. The process of removing the top of the existing radiator valve and screwing on the new motorised valve is simple, quick, and needs no plumbing skills. If your radiators do not have thermostatic radiator valves then you will need to install these first (which is a short job for a plumber).

HouseHeat can cut your heating bill substantially

The benefit of HouseHeat is that it will control the temperature of each room in which it is installed without any intervention by you. Ask yourself how often you adjust the settings on your radiator. Do you turn down the temperature settings in each room at night and then turn them back up again in the morning? With the built in timer the HouseHeat can allow the temperature of the room to fall to a lower level at night (saving you money) and then bring it back up again in the morning. The system can be set so you have more warmth in the bedroom at night, and more warmth in the living room during the day. All of these changes reduce the amount of time that your boiler is burning fuel to heat parts of your house unnecessarily.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves were a big step forward from manual (tap style) radiator valves, but they have some big flaws.

  • Firstly, they measure the temperature right next to the radiator. This measurement is influenced by the heat of the radiator, and it may be very different from the temperature of the room where you are sitting or sleeping.
  • The second problem is that thermostatic radiator valves still need to be adjusted manually. Can you tell what temperature your room will be at if you set your thermostatic radiator valves at setting "3"?
  • If you have more than one radiator in the room it is difficult to know how to adjust them best to give you the right room temperature.
  • How many of us turn down the radiators in the downstairs rooms before going to bed in order to save energy and then back up again in the morning?

The HouseHeat products solve all of these problems with a simple and quick replacement of the thermostatic radiator valve head with a motorised valve head and a separate wall mounted thermostat unit.

Will HouseHeat fit my existing thermostatic radiator valves?

You will normally be able to mount the HouseHeat Valve Motor on to the valve body without need of an adaptor. However, if you find you cannot do this, we can supply universal adaptors which will enable you to mount the Valve Motor on almost any thermostatic valve available on the UK market. See the valve compatibility chart here.

Please note that in order to fit the HouseHeat Wireless Valve Motor on to the thermostatic valve body, there must be a minimum distance of 30mm between the edge of the radiator and the centre (not the edge) of the thermostatic valve. If the clearance is less, you should still be able to fit HouseHeat to your system if you fit some washers or a valve extension between the radiator and the valve body to increase this distance to 30mm or more. However, this would involve draining down the radiator first. Alternatively, a plumber would easily be able to increase the clearance for you.

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Thanks Mike for your excellent customer service - a rare thing nowadays but appreciated none the less! (K Hyland)


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