Confessions of An Eco Sinner

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Fred Pearce's Confessions of an Eco Sinner: Travels to Find Where my Stuff Comes From is an incredible environmental travelogue which combines one man's personal search for the far-flung origins of many products common to everyday life. Pearce is a well-known science writer and this very personal document is filled with his discoveries about exactly where the stuff he took for granted has travelled from.

An ethical journey across the world

Confessions of an Eco Sinner is an insightful and fascinating exploration of the true nature of every human's 'footprint' on the world. Fred Pearce searches the world for the source of the cotton in his shirt, the prawns in his curry and the people who grew, mined or made all his stuff. In his travels, he meets an incredible range of people, living in rainforests, deserts, shanty towns and mines. By putting a human face on the origin of various products, Pearce investigates the true cost of the 'stuff' Western society takes for granted.

This is a myth-busting book which challenges the accepted understandings about carbon footprints and green living, but emerges with a positive message about the changes we can make in our lives and enlightens the reader about the sacrifices made by others. Confessions of an Eco Sinner is a journey not just for Pearce, but for the reader too. It is a surprising and sophisticated book which educates as it entertains.


  • 'Fred Pearce goes out and sees the world as well as thinking and writing about it; he is one of the few that understand the Earth as it really is and we must listen to him.' - James Lovelock, author of The Revenge of Gaia.
  • 'Pearce shows us how our greed, and our wilful blindness, are ruining the world in faraway places . . . An excellent book.' - The Guardian.
  • 'Sometimes frightening, always enlightening, it will teach you more about other people's lives than you ever thought possible.' - New Scientist.
  • 'Beguiling . . . honest and revealing . . . optimistic . . . A big book for big problems.' - Country Living.


Author and journalist Fred Pearce reports on the environment and ecological living for worldwide publications. He is a regular contributor to New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, and Country Living. He is married with grown-up children and lives in Wandsworth in London.

Product Details

  • A paperback book which combines travel writing with science and environmentalism.
  • One man's journey to find the true origins, and true costs, of the products in his life.
  • ISBN-13 9781905811106
  • Published by Transworld in February 2008.
  • 400 pages.

  • Manufactured by: Transworld