3P Technik 800 litre Large Wall Tank

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This large water butt is the answer for the homeowner who is serious about storing rainwater. It holds 800 litres (some four times the volume of a standard domestic water butt). Multiple Wall tanks can be joined together to offer plenty of water for your garden long into a drought or dry spell.

The water tank is a practical alternative to underground rainwater systems

This premium quality wall tank is a big step up from a standard water butt. It provides capacity for 800 litres (176 gallons) of garden rainwater in a small footprint. This tank is suitable for watering-can use or pumping, and is made from polyethylene. When empty the container weighs a pretty solid 38kg.

The dimensions of the tank are 800mm x 600mm x 1790mm - so its just short of six feet tall! The Wall Tank is available in four colours: Matt black, Sand (yellow/brown), Granite (grey), and British Racing Green. Please choose your colour preference at the bottom of this page.

Each tank comes with a 3/4 inch brass tap connector on the front (with a basic hi-flow tap supplied), and two more 3/4 inch brass tank interconnecting points (one each side). Also supplied are a metal retention bracket, hole saw and rubber grommet sealing ring (for use with the 3P Filter Collector). There is a 9.5cm wide hole on top with dust cap lid - truly child safe.

3P Wall tank in black colour
3P Wall tank, water butt, in grey
3P Wall tank, water butt, in Green
3P Wall tank, water butt, in sand colour


Filter collectors and linking kits

We strongly recommend that you use this wall tank with the 3P Filter Collector which is available in 4 colours (Grey, black, White and Brown). The filter collector is installed in the down-pipe, to cleanse the rainwater before diverting it sideways into the wall tank, while leaves and debris continue down to the drain. It will fit a 68-100 mm diameter round downpipe and a 65-75mm square down pipe. Please remember to choose a colour at the bottom of this page.

Range of colours for the filter collecter

The filter collector allows you to connect the Wall Tank to the downpipe if it is located directly next to it. If you need to position your Wall Tank a distance away from the downpipe (perhaps your drain cover stands proud or positioning the Wall tank adjacent to the downpipe would block a window) then you will need a 3P Long Link Kit, available in 1 meter, 2 meter, or 5 meter lengths. The Wall Tank is a sealed unit (having only a 9.5cm hole on top), so this special kit does not require a backnut.

The 3P Wall Tanks really excel when they are connected together to provide storage of multiples of 750 litres. To do this you will need a Tank to Tank Connection Kit. One kit connects two tanks, so to connect three tanks you will need two kits and so on.

3P Wall tank, water butt, long link connected to filter collector 3P wall tank, water butt, multiple tanks connected Wall tank to tank connection kit
3P Long Link Kit (shown on a filter connector) Two Wall Tanks connected together 3P Tank to Tank connection kits in use

If you plan to buy more than one of these tanks to create a large volume water storage setup, then consider our pre-configured rain tank systems which include a pump. Click here to learn more.


This Water Butt is a large and heavy product so it will be sent by courier. This means that deliveries to the Highlands of Scotland or any offshore location will incur an additional charge. If you would like delivery to the Highlands or Islands please call us before ordering and we can quote you the additional delivery charge.

  • Manufactured by: 3P Technik