- Organic food

Home-grown organic food: better for you and the environment

Better for You

Taste. Home grown food tastes better because it is harvested when ripe.  Supermarket food is harvested pre-ripe, before its taste has fully developed.

Nutrition. Food harvested and eaten when ripe contains the maximum possible amount of nutrients. Furthermore, scientific studies show organic food is proven to contain more vitamins and to boost the immune system.

Getting outdoors.  Gardening has a wide range of health benefits, including physical fitness, mental alertness, reducing stress, and increasing the body's vitamin D levels through being outside in sunlight.

Cost-savings.  Growing your own fruit and vegetables will save you hundreds of pounds off your food bill every year.

Get your kids to eat their veg.  We've found that children are more likely to eat fruit and vegetables they've helped to grow themselves.

Know where your food comes from.  By growing your own food, you'll know the full story and history of your meals.  When you wash your home-grown vegetables you'll only be cleaning off soil, not potentially poisonous chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Recent studies by the UK government found high levels of pesticide residues in supermarket-bought baby food, spinach, dried fruit, bread, apples, celery, and chips.

Better for the Environment

Zero food miles.  Over a quarter of the UK's road freight is food produce.  Vegetables grown in your back garden do not have to be shipped from overseas or transported around the UK on a lorry. You'll also be making fewer trips to the supermarket, reducing the pollution from your car.

No pesticides or chemical fertilisers.  While fertilisers increase crop yield for a short time, they  destroy the soil's natural life and fertility.  A recent study by the International Food Policy Research Institute found 40% of the world's soil is depleted as a result of industrial agriculture.  Growing organic crops keeps the soil naturally fertile and teeming with life-giving nutrients and organisms.

No packaging.  Two-thirds of UK household waste is packaging.  By growing food in your garden, you'll be reducing the amount of packaging you send to landfill.

Biodiversity.  Unlike single-crop industrial agriculture, growing your own organic food helps to preserve biodiversity.  Biodiversity is vital for the long term survival of all plant and animal life.