- Clothes Airers Guide

Ceiling mounted Clothes Airers – The easiest step to a greener home

The good old-fashioned methods of doing household chores are making a comeback in today’s carbon-conscious world. Clothes airers (also known as ceiling airers and pulley airers) make use of the warm air that naturally rises and is trapped at ceiling level. They offer an alternative solution to the tumble drier which is the most power-hungry household appliance. Replacing your tumble drier with this attractive, nostalgic and space-saving option is a simple step to helping the environment and reducing your bills. In fact, the EU lists drying clothes naturally as a key way to lower your carbon footprint here.

What are the advantages of a Pulley Airer?

Whether you’re considering a pulley airer as an alternative to an outdoor washing line, a conventional clothes horse or a tumble drier, this method of clothes drying offers many advantages:

  • You can get the benefits of natural drying even if you lack a garden or have a physical disability which makes outdoor drying difficult
  • Gain privacy by drying indoors
  • Free yourself from dependence on the weather
  • Dry clothes quickly compared to clothes horse drying
  • Save space in homes with limited drying space
  • Tidy up your home with no more clothes scattered around radiators
  • Eliminate disadvantages of tumble drying: less fabric wear and tear; softer and less wrinkled laundry; no static and no shrinking
  • Remove the noise caused by some tumble driers
  • End the risk of tumble drier malfunction or power-cut
  • Reduce heat loss caused by tumble drier exhaust ducts

There are numerous advantages to these ceiling airers. However, when comparing with tumble driers, there are two crucial advantages that will help you on your way to a more eco-friendly home:

  • Help the environment with zero greenhouse gas emissions: reduce your Carbon Footprint by about 280 kg a year - See the EU's Carbon Calculator for more information
  • Dry your clothes for free: using a clothes airer will save about £70 a year on your energy bills – that’s more than the cost of most airers

A simple science

Have you ever noticed your papers fluttering around when the radiator is on? Hot air rises and ceiling clothes airers make use of this natural process. The higher you mount your airer, the faster your clothes will dry. Placing clothes above a radiator or other heat source will maximise the use of this heat energy. This reliable method guarantees dry washing within 4 hours, rain or shine.

A traditional method

Ceiling airers are pulley operated and date back over 200 years. They are also known as kitchen maids and creels. They were popularized by the Victorians and went gradually out of fashion with mechanical methods of clothes drying. French inventor Pochon introduced a hand-cranked drier in 1799. George T. Sampson then followed with his invention of the first automatic dryer in 1892. Modern electrical versions appeared around 1915 and proceeded to become household essentials.

Despite the advances made in clothes drying, 21st Century households are now turning back to basics. The tumble drier uses nearly two thirds more energy than the washing machine. Thus, the ceiling airer is gradually coming back into fashion. Ceiling airers have themselves evolved through time with improved techniques and materials. However, the basic design is almost identical to that relied upon centuries ago.

Choosing your Clothes Airer

Not only do clothes airers offer numerous benefits, they also look great, combining an elegant design with a simple construction. My Greener Home stocks varieties with different combinations of pine, cast iron, stainless steel and plastic parts to fit into both modern and traditional interiors. Unlike many mass-manufactured modern products, these durable airers are built to last so yours will continue this tradition for generations to come. All the ceiling airers in our range can hold 30-45kg of wet laundry and vary in size – so you can choose the size that will fit your home. Airers will also suit sloping ceilings - they simply need levelling out using the ceiling pulleys.

Our Cast in Style Kitchen Maids are FSC certified, ensuring that the wooden laths come from sustainable, renewable sources. The laths are also professionally finished to prevent your washing from snagging. In addition, the end pieces are made from cast iron, and are available in many different colours. Cast iron is recyclable and the manufacturers recycle all their left over material. The rope is also guaranteed for 5 years so you can load up your airer to maximum weight with peace of mind.

All of the laundry aids and clothes airers in our range are durable and easy to adjust. In addition, each model comes with full instructions and you can contact us if you need any further help: so take this easy step to a greener home today.