Chimney Balloon information

Installation Instructions

Fitting a chimney balloon is simple and quick to do. Just follow the guidelines below.


In general, the chimney balloon should be positioned about 12 to 24 inches above the top of the fireplace, but this will depend on the design of your chimney and your choice of chimney balloon. The most important factor is to select a position where the walls are parallel to each other. Try to choose a place where the walls are closest to each other (i.e. the chimney is at its narrowest). You should aim to put the chimney balloon high enough up the chimney that you do not see the handgrip and tap from the room. The balloon should fit snugly and should not move about causing the plastic to rub against the chimney. In the examples below the arrows show where you should measure to choose the correct size of balloon.

balloon position 1 balloon position 2 balloon position 3

Installing the chimney balloon:

Do not try to inflate the balloon and then push it into the chimney. This is likely to damage the balloon and will not result in a good fit.

First make sure the tap is open (the tap will be inline with the handgrip) and then blow a small amount of air into the chimney balloon. This should be just enough to unravel the balloon and allow you to place the balloon into the chimney, but not so much that the balloon scrapes on the chimney. Skip this step if you have a cast iron fire with a smoke hole - just put the balloon directly in place before inflating.

Next, with the balloon in the chimney and the white label facing you, inflate the balloon completely.

Handgrip length On all sizes of balloon, the handgrip and tap are about 7-8 inches in length (18-20cm) so unless you inflate the balloon using one of the methods below, you had better be pretty agile

Head up the chimney - Use a mouth inflation tube or handgrip extension

- Use a bellows pump (like those used to inflate air beds)

- use a bike pump (but not a racing bike pump) or car tyre pump (if it has an air-bed adaptor), inserting the flexible connector into the rubber tube on the handgrip

When the balloon is fully inflated, turn off the tap and remove any inflation hoses, pumps or bellows from the hand grip. Check that the balloon is still correctly positioned and firmly in place - it should find its own position as you inflate it. The balloon should be inflated so that it is gently firm, but not tight like a drum skin. Finally place the red "remember" notice in the fireplace, grate, or by the gas tap to remind you that the balloon is in place.

If you find that high winds are causing suction up the chimney, then tie the chimney balloon to the grate with a length of cord. Check the balloon three or four times a year to make sure that it is still in place, and top it up with air if necessary.

Particularly if you have inflated the balloon using your lungs, the air in the balloon will be warm. As it cools down to room temperature it will contract and after a couple of hours you may have to top up the air in the balloon.

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