Chimney Balloon Further Information

Balloon removal

When you want to take the balloon out of the chimney, open the tap on the handgrip and wait a few minutes for it to fall out of the chimney. If it doesn't, gently press the handgrip against the side of the chimney through the balloon, to expel some of the air. If you can reach into the chimney gently squeeze the sides of the balloon towards each other to force more air out. Soon the balloon will be small enough to pull out of the chimney. It is important that the balloon does not scrape the sides of the chimney, otherwise it may get damaged. When you have the balloon out of the chimney roll it in a plastic bag or newspaper for storage. Finally remove the red "reminder" label from the grate or gas tap and store it with the balloon.


The more often you insert and remove the balloon the more likely it is that the balloon will become damaged. Perforation of the bag is the most common damage. Clean the area around the hole and then use Sellotape, or brown packing tape to seal the hole.


The chimney balloon is designed to leave air gaps in two corners. This allows a small amount of air to ventilate the chimney to prevent the build up of damp. If you appear to be getting damp in the walls of the chimney, reposition the chimney balloon slightly to allow a little more air flow.

If you over inflate the chimney balloon, the handgrip will blow out of the balloon and it will no longer function. We will not accept responsibility for damage caused by overinflating or the incorrect installation or removal of the balloon from the chimney.


If you forget that the balloon is in the chimney and light a fire underneath it, the balloon will quickly shrivel up, allowing the fumes to escape up the chimney. While it remains in the chimney the balloon is unlikely to catch fire (but it will if it falls into the fire). Suffice to say, you won't be able to use it again.

Other benefits

We are told that the chimney balloon will also do the following:
  • it will stop rain water dripping onto the hearth (though if a lot is coming in you may have a cracked chimney pot fixing)
  • it will stop birds coming into the room
  • it will stop cats and kittens climbing into the chimney to explore