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We sell some great solar products, particularly suited to providing lighting for sheds, garages, stables and caravans. However we cannot sell a full Solar Hot Water solution online - it needs professional installation. We can help you find the right installer though. The SolarPanelQuoter link on the left will take you to a quotation system which will give you leads for up to three vetted Solar Panel installation companies that will operate in your area.

Is solar water heating suitable for my home?

For a solar hot water system you will ideally need three or four square metres of south facing roof (southeast and southwest will do) which is not shielded from sunlight by buildings or trees (most of the day).  The specific type of installation for your home will depend on the size of your property, the type of water heating you have presently, and how much money you want to spend on the project. The installer will assess your requirements with you to determine the appropriate setup.

Since April 2008 there has been no need to get planning permission in England for most solar hot water installations on dwellings as long as they are within certain size criteria. If you are planning an installation on a listed building or a building in a Conservation area, then planning permission is still required. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland homeowners must consult with their local authority regarding planning permission.

Why bother?

A typical Solar Hot Water system can provide you with about a third to 40% of your hot water requirements. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average domestic system reduces C0 2 by around 325kg per year and about £65 a year of your hot water bills, when installed in a gas heated home. Of course, as energy prices rise, the savings rise too.

Fuel Displaced £ Saving per year CO2 saving per year
Gas £65 325 kg
Electricity £95 635 kg
Oil £85 365 kg
Solid £55 645 kg

All savings are approximate and are based on the hot water heating requirements of a 3 bed semi detached home.

The Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform offers grants to reduce the cost of installing solar hot water systems. Click here for more information

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