Compost Bins

Compost bins are marvellous workhorses. Throw in your garden trimmings and leaves, add some lawn cuttings and vegetable peelings from your kitchen, and your compost bin will give you back some rich, brown, crumbly and (believe it or not) sweet smelling compost for your garden. We stock a range of composters from under 200 litres, up to 700 litres in volume, covering small to medium garden needs. For the larger garden, we suggest having two or more composters to save you carrying the vegetation long distances, and to cope with the higher volumes.

Compost bins are environmentally friendly, natural, and work on their own (no additional bio-liquids or powders are required). As councils impose more taxes on the waste they remove from your home, the compost bin will save you money too. Read our Guide To Composting.