Caravan & boat kits

Our range of Motor home and boat kits is designed for recharging the 12 Volt batteries of all Motor Homes, Caravans and Boats. The table below gives a quick guide to the kit you need, depending on your power consumption needs. All the kits come with everything you need to install the panel.

Power  Size  Part No  Weight  Amps/Hr  Amps/Day  Typical usage
43W  634x535x25mm  STPMH43  4.5kgs  2.71  Up to 18.97  Ideal for use on small motor homes and boats where power consumption is mainly for running the interior lights and water pump and/or use is during the summer months.
60W  694x670x35mm STPMH60  6.0kgs  3.78  Up to 26.46  Similar to the 43W kit but for use in small/medium sized motorhomes and caravans throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.
80W  1196x542x35mm  STPMH80  7.8kgs  5.12  Up to 35.84 A system designed for medium sized motorhomes/boats where the generated power will be used for the items listed above plus TV, laptop, satellite dish etc. mainly during Spring, Summer and Autumn.
120W  1365x670x35mm  STPMH120  12.0kgs  7.54  Up to 52.78  For larger sized motorhomes caravans and boats powering all the above mentioned items but for extended touring or year round use.
150W  1580x857x35mm  STPMH150  15.2kgs  9.44  Up to 66.08  Only for the very largest motorhomes/boats or US style RVs, powering all appliances during an extended tour or for year round use.

To work out what size of solar panel you need either see the table above or use our handy calculator here.