Solar panels

Scroll down this page to see the range of solar panel kits that we offer. Rigging up a solar panel is really much simpler than you think. The solar panel charges a 12V battery* (protected from being overcharged by a charge controller**) during daylight hours. The power in the battery is available for use at any time to power appliances – directly if powering 12V appliances or through an inverter†† if powering 240V appliances. The system will work even in overcast weather conditions, both in summer and winter.
Power Size Part No Weight Amps
Typical Usage Charge Controller
required **
5W 306x218
STP005 1.0kg 0.32  Up to 2.24 Lighting and for preventing power drain on 12v batteries No†
10W 397x280
STP010 1.5kgs 0.63 Up to 4.41 Lighting, for use in caravans on 2 day trips, power tool charging, electric fence power No†
18W 638x278
STP018 2.2kgs 1.14 Up to 7.98 Lighting, caravans on a 4 day trip, limited (12V) TV, electric gate power, mobile phone and camera charging Yes - 4 Ah
28W 559x407
STP028 2.8kgs 1.61 Up to 11.27 Lighting, for use in caravans on a 7 day trip, lap top computers Yes - 4 Ah
43W 634x535
STP043 4.5kgs 2.71 Up to 18.97 Lighting, for use in caravans on a 14 day trip, extended (12V) TV, pond pump power Yes - 4 Ah
60W 694x670
STP060 6.0kgs 3.78 Up to 26.46 Lighting, caravans during long term touring, limited (240V††) TV, extended lap top computer use and alarm systems Yes - 4 Ah
80W 1196x542
STP080 7.8kgs 5.12 Up to 35.84 For use in the largest caravans, medium sized motorhomes/boats, extended (240V††) TV, games machines, DVD players, sky boxes Yes - 8 Ah
120W 1365x670
STP120 12.0kgs 7.54 Up to 52.78 For use in large caravans/boats, desk top PCs, printers, fax, and most 240V†† appliances Yes - 8 Ah
150W 1580x857
STP150 15.2kgs 9.44 Up to 66.08 Use in the largest motorhomes/boats, greenhouse heaters, all home office power Yes - 12 Ah

*Battery not supplied ** Charge controller available separately † No Charge controller required so long as battery is bigger than 33Ah for the 5W panel or bigger than 70Ah for the 10W panel †† through an inverter (not supplied).

To work out what size of solar panel you need either see the table above or use our handy calculator here.