Installation services

We understand that most people will be comfortable charging their phone from one of our solar chargers, and many would try installing a solar powered lighting kit for their shed or stable. But few would attempt to install solar panels on their homes. For that you need an expert.

There are two types of solar panel you can opt for:

The first is Solar Thermal and is designed to heat up your water. The solar panels need plumbing into your hot water tank and the result is that you save money on the energy your boiler uses to heat up water.

The second is Solar Electric and is designed to generate electricity from the sun's rays. While it is possible to store the electricity in batteries, this is an expensive and difficult option. A better way is to sell the electricity back to the National Grid. We have written an article explaining more about Solar Electric. View it here.

We are very happy to talk to you to give you an overview of the pros and cons of each type of installation. If you are still interested then for Solar Thermal we suggest you use our Solar Panel Quoter to find three installers who can help in your region. There are many fewer Solar Electric installers but we can recommend one for your project - be it small or large. Call us on 020 8133 9002 or Contact Us and we will call you.

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