Heating controls

The HouseHeat and eTRV products allow you to save money on your central heating energy bill by controlling the temperature of each room of your property independently. Both solve the problems of having just one programmable thermostat in a single location at your home or office, causing you to run up a high gas bill or oil bill because some rooms are too hot during the day or night. 

Both the HouseHeat system and the eTRV work by replacing the head of the Thermostatic Radiator Valves with a motorised valve. The Househeat system controls the valve using a Wireless Room Thermostat. Measuring the temperature away from the radiator is more accurate and the thermostat has a digital timer program built into it so you can set individual room temperatures to be lower at night time or when you are work. The eTRV uses a clever two sensor system to ensure the room temperature is correct. The desired temperature cycle for each room is set with a simple to use Remote Control from the comfort of your arm chair.

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