Water butts

There are two things to remember when you buy your water butt or rain water tank. Firstly, don't wait until a drought. You need to buy a water butt while it is still raining, so that it can fill. Secondly, using a water pump with a standard, 200 litres, domestic water butt will give you less than four minutes of watering. That's why we sell a range of rainwater storage vessels, from small water butts, right up to large water tanks for serious volumes of water storage. With this selection, you can choose one to fit your needs: watering the borders, sprinklers for the lawn or washing the car. Did you know that you pay for your water twice? You pay for fresh water provided from the mains, and then you pay a charge for waste water – generally based upon the volume of water you consume. So using a water butt really is a cost effective way of reducing your bills – particularly if you are on a water meter. Read our guide to setting up a water butt.

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